7 Basking in grace & not building on deficit

7 Basking in grace & not building on deficit
7 Basking in grace & not building on deficit

May 07 2023 | 00:22:28

Episode 7 May 07, 2023 00:22:28

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Jill Loree

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There’s an obstacle many face. It’s the tendency for people to build on deficit. This is intrinsically linked to this belief in an empty, poor, ungiving world…Whenever we stack positive beliefs on top of negative ones we are only half-aware of, we are building on deficit. So if we secretly believe we are unlovable or unacceptable, despite our surface behaviors to the contrary, we’re building on deficit…

The trouble with building on deficit is that it appears to work, at least for a while. It’s temporarily convincing…With this as the foundation we are standing on, pouring our energy into our mask and our Lower Self, we don’t dare to expose our deficits—the inner bankruptcy that smolders underneath. This is why a path of spiritual purification is about bringing out all of our Lower Self maneuvers. We must stand there poor, no longer covered up with a fake veneer…

Any personal crisis is nothing more than a bankruptcy exposed. We can wait for this to happen on its own. Or we can create a controlled fall by working mindfully with a spiritual helper or counselor…Of course our spiritual and emotional “finances” appear on the physical level as well. We often live above our means, coasting on debt and covering one hole with another newly created hole…

The fear that causes us to hold and hoard is in error…Giving through faith—even before we’re convinced that our fear of giving is unfounded—is like pulling out poisonous weeds and planting beautiful seedlings instead…Then we can release the faith that is in us. Not as an act of blind belief in wishful thinking but as a new ground rule for life.

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