17 Discovering the key to letting go & letting God

17 Discovering the key to letting go & letting God
17 Discovering the key to letting go & letting God

May 17 2023 | 00:27:29

Episode 17 May 17, 2023 00:27:29

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Jill Loree

Show Notes

Let’s go deeply inside the phrase ‘let go and let God,’ a much-loved phrase in which there’s more than meets the eye…“Letting go” means to let go of the limited ego, with its narrow understanding, its preconceived ideas and its demanding self-will. It means letting go of our suspicions and misconceptions, our fears and lack of trust…It means letting go of the tightly held attitude that says, in so many words, “Life must go exactly according to my plan”…The ultimate aim of “letting God” is to activate God from our heart center, from the innermost place of our being where God speaks to us if we’re willing to listen…

So there can’t be any hard knots of energy prohibiting the divine flow, such as our self-will creates through its distrusting, insisting, anxious forcing current. These qualities belie an imbalance of trust. What’s being trusted is the little, limited ego, while the greater divine self—the Higher Self—is being denied and pushed away…We’d rather trust our own false gods—namely, our ego—than trust the process of letting go…

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