5 Preparing for reincarnation: Every life counts

5 Preparing for reincarnation: Every life counts
5 Preparing for reincarnation: Every life counts

May 05 2023 | 00:28:38

Episode 5 May 05, 2023 00:28:38

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Jill Loree

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We each have a Book of Life and everything gets written down in it, for everything in every life counts. As such, every incarnation is meticulously planned by carefully following the information contained in our “general ledger”…

Be careful about comparing, judging and generalizing. Our view is very limited. We see just one life at a time, and at that, what we see is still even more limited…So whenever we’re inclined to say that our life is too difficult to bear or that someone else has it too easy, we need to back off. We wouldn’t think this for a minute if we saw all the missing puzzle pieces…

The thing that most determines what opportunities we will get to next—and what we need to work on for our overall development—is how much of our current plan we fulfill…If, according to what gets noted in our Book of Life, we don’t advance much this time around or we do a rather half-assed job of it, we may be looking at a complete do-over…

Again, don’t jump to judgment; an easy, pleasant life may not indicate that the previous one was gangbusters. It could be that merits were earned, possibly three or four lifetimes back. Likewise, a tough life might be the result of actions in our last incarnation. Or not. A zealous person may make the choice to pay off, in one lifetime, a monster demerit,. Another pays off just as great a demerit—maybe even a bigger one—but eats the elephant one bite at a time. So one more time, what did we say about comparing and judging?...

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