15 What’s the real spiritual meaning of crisis?

15 What’s the real spiritual meaning of crisis?
15 What’s the real spiritual meaning of crisis?

May 15 2023 | 00:20:22

Episode 15 May 15, 2023 00:20:22

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Jill Loree

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In whatever form it shows up, crisis is always attempting to break down old structures that are based on negativity and wrong thinking. It shakes loose ingrained habits and breaks up frozen energy patterns so new growth can happen. Indeed, the tearing down process is painful, but without it, transformation is unthinkable. This is the spiritual meaning of crisis.

Change is an inevitable fact of life; where there’s life, there’s never-ending change. Full stop. But when we live in fear and negativity, we resist change…So then crisis comes along as a means for breaking up stagnant negativity—so we can let go of it. But the more painful the experience is, the more our ego—that will-directed part of our consciousness—attempts to block the change…In the areas then where we don’t resist change, our lives will be relatively crisis-free. Wherever we resist change, crisis is sure to follow…

Just as a thunderstorm serves to clear the air when certain conditions in the atmosphere collide, crises are natural, balance-restoring events. But it is possible to grow without creating “dark nights” for ourselves. The price we need pay for this is self-honesty…

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