8 Articulating the power of the word

8 Articulating the power of the word
8 Articulating the power of the word

May 08 2023 | 00:19:32

Episode 8 May 08, 2023 00:19:32

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Jill Loree

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In the beginning was the word. Words, in fact, are the blueprint necessary for building any structure…Nothing in creation can exist unless a word has been spoken, known, held, believed in and committed to…

Holy Scripture starts by postulating that in the beginning was—or actually is—the word. The word is eternal; it will always be. It is from God’s spoken word that all creation came into being, including our personalities…So what do we do with this truth? Well, for one thing, we can become aware that every situation we experience in life is the product of words we ourselves have spoken…

Our goal: establish a one-pointed word…They are no less powerful when they are not articulated well. Vague and hazy words need to be crystallized and brought out from behind the smoke screen…The silent word is not necessarily less powerful than one that is uttered. In fact, words that wash across our vocal chords may well have much less energy than the ones held inside that are rooted in strong beliefs…

We can tune into the underground noise and observe and identify our words. Then we will gain a much better understanding of how we create our lives…Holding onto a nihilistic belief about a terrible world may seem preferable to seeing our own painful belief that we’re not worthy of the joy of life. But folks, if we believe this, we’re not in truth…

Until we unwind all this for ourselves, we may be convinced that the positive words spoken on the surface are all that count. We might then use the fact of our opposite experiences as proof that life is unfair and untrustworthy. That our own inner processes have no bearing on what goes on. People, we then think, are victims of life…Once we go a little further in our work though, we will uncover our unfortunate self-hate and our lack of faith in our own Higher Self. Knowing this information will help in our search for the imposters. Those are the parts of ourselves who still speak on our behalf but don’t represent our best interest.

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