2 Reading between the lines of the Lord’s Prayer

2 Reading between the lines of the Lord’s Prayer
2 Reading between the lines of the Lord’s Prayer

May 02 2023 | 00:23:42

Episode 2 May 02, 2023 00:23:42

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Jill Loree

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Within the lines of the Lord's Prayer is everything—yes, everything—we need to live a glorious life. This is what makes the Lord’s Prayer the most beautiful of all prayers.


As we say these words softly inside ourselves, we can meditate on how this must apply to everyone, even those we don’t happen to like…In fact, we can only call ourselves children of God if we’re willing to open the gates to all the creeps and crapheads in our world. Either no one’s in this flock or everyone is, even those who bring up unpleasant feelings in us…Whenever we have angst about another, there is something in us that needs attention, no matter how wrong the other person may be.


Heaven is inside us, not outside. So we must look for what we’re seeking—to find our own perfection—within, where it already exists. It may however be covered over and difficult to find.


The way to hallow the name of God, the father, is to try to fathom his laws and follow them…Whenever we find ourselves stumped by any life situation, it means we haven’t found the specific law we’re violating.


When we follow spiritual laws, hallowing God’s name, we also bring ourselves closer to his kingdom. Because it’s within.

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