3 Exploring the spiritual nature of political systems

3 Exploring the spiritual nature of political systems
3 Exploring the spiritual nature of political systems

May 03 2023 | 00:27:48

Episode 3 May 03, 2023 00:27:48

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Jill Loree

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We’re about to review the spiritual nature of political systems found on this planet. This includes monarchy and feudalism, socialism and communism, and capitalistic democracy. We will discover that each has a divine origin plus a handful of distortions….We’ll also see how each of them—in their divine and distorted ways—lives in each one of us…

In its original divine nature, capitalistic democracy is about total freedom of expression and abundance as it accrues from personal investment. At the same time, the divine form of this system also makes room for caring for those who, for some reason, can’t be—or aren’t yet willing to be—fully responsible for themselves…

There is no sentimental claim that such people should reap all the same benefits as those who invest their whole being into their lives. But it also doesn’t exploit such people to justify the power drive of a ruler… This form of government then is closer to the fusion of duality—to being about unity. So it is a more mature form of government than the previous categories…

So how do we manage to abuse and distort capitalistic democracy?…This system can be abused from both sides. Those clamoring for socialism can become more parasitic and blame the power structure for keeping them down. On the other extreme, those who are strong and diligent, who risk and invest, can justify their greed and drive for power. This do this by blaming the parasitic nature of those who are lazy. But abuse is abuse…

That’s the paradoxical way of spiritual things. The more developed and free we become, the greater is the danger for distortion and abuse. As such, in this system, we find the potential for a “negative fusion” when both sides are in distortion…What needs to happen is that a channel must open up to perceive divine will and establish divine law...

The real question is: when we have enough leash to responsibly run our own lives, do we choke ourselves? It’s so easy to abuse freedom unless we confront our hidden motives at all times.

With selflessness at the top of the docket, world politics could blend together the spiritual nature of each one of these political systems, not in contradiction to each other but as one united whole. Indeed, we could create a single government that would combine the divine natures of monarchy and feudalism, socialism and communism, and democratic capitalism. Yes indeedy, we could do this.

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