11 Bringing ourselves to order, inside and out

11 Bringing ourselves to order, inside and out
11 Bringing ourselves to order, inside and out

May 11 2023 | 00:23:12

Episode 11 May 11, 2023 00:23:12

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Jill Loree

Show Notes

Orderliness is directly connected with divine harmony. And, like so many things, there is both an inner version and an outer version; there’s also a divine version, order, and a corresponding distortion, disorder.

In the grand scheme of things, inner order is what we experience when we are fully conscious. When there is no more unconscious material left in our soul…Any lack of awareness is an indication of disorder somewhere in our soul. When we’re not aware, we’re not in truth; things slip away into our unconscious and we become confused…

The disorderly mind will become frantic trying to impose a false order. Yet this only heightens our level of discomfort and disorderliness. It’s like shoving garbage under our furniture so no one will see it. But the whole place reeks of the hidden waste…

Our resistance can be surprisingly strong. When we kick over to compulsive orderliness, we create as much trouble and hardship as if we were surrounding ourselves in filth…The first step in becoming aware of this connection between orderliness and our inner landscape is to tune into how much we are disturbed by disorder; feel the tension and anxiety it creates…

Interestingly, the part of us that resists is well aware that freeing ourselves of the burden of disorder will make our inner work much easier. And that’s exactly what the resistance wants to avoid. Think about it. The disorganized person can’t concentrate; same for the compulsively orderly one…

So someone who has their act pulled together is going to be an orderly person in their outer habits. They will be clean, not just in their body, but in their handling of daily life…Making messes then comes from our unconscious negative intention—our will to stay stuck. This may be a whole new vantage point from which to view disorder.

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